About Match My Child

Match My Child is a company created by a fashion addict mom.

"When I was pregnant, I spent lots of time online, looking for cute outfits for my baby. I noticed that there wasn't any stylish clothing that I could wear to match my child. I was looking for cute t-shirts that we could both wear at the same time or not, but after many researches, I did not find a thing. This is why I created Match My Child"

At the beginning stage of this company, we offer tshirts and onesies for babies, moms and dads, but our goal is to develop a whole clothing line for parents who wants to match their child in their everyday stylized life.

My name is Joanie Grégoire, fashionista, and I am proud to present my new project: Match My Child!"



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Creation Process

All designs are created in Québec City, Canada. Inspired by me and designed by my talented team of illustrators and graphic designers, the most important one, my sister in law: Valérie Beaupré.

Once the images are created and approved by our entourage, the tshirts and onesies get printed in our beautiful city by V+M.

Unparalleled Style

Our goal is to create products that are baby and parents compatible. We are only using quality clothing made in Canada or USA.